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Originally Posted by Tohno_Neil View Post
Sorry,there is BUG:

(hp g4-1060tx laptop,i5-2410M CPU @2.3GHz,4G RAM,win7_x64,Winamp 5.666)

1.Too hard to use, high delay.

2.Not support 24bit.
Indeed it support's 24 bit. Possibly the WASPI of your sound card doesn't support 24 bit. Or you are in non-exclusive/shared mode, then WASAPI (not YASAPI) uses the system settings.

YASAPI doesn't silently perform any digital sound processing (DSP, e.g. SRC or conversion from 24 to 16 bit). If you try to route any format via YASPI to the WASPI of your sound card which is not supported by the WASAPI of your sound card it will fail. In such a case YASAPI is simply not for you. WASAPI + DSP = DS, cf. above! Simply use DS!
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