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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
Not each mode is supported by each DAC. You've find out which one is supported by yours (if any at all), and that's what you've obviously already have

EDIT: "yasapi_player.c" (140) is a call to IAudioClient::IsFormatSupported().
Thanks for the new version! Unfortunately it has the same behaivour. (with both normal and sse version)
I don't understand this part: "Not each mode is supported by each DAC."
Only Exclusive+Push is working, not shared mode at all. But the old Maiko is working for me in shared mode.

If you need some additional info/test, just tell me
Thank you!

EDIT: I have found out what the problem was with the shared mode (Maiko plugin helped me, I remembered that it upconverted the audio to 5.1 channels):
- you have to set to stereo (2 channel) the speaker configuration!!!
- and the output to: 16 bit, 44100Hz (otherwise I got back the line 140 error message, is this a bug in 0.6.1)

My setup is: laptop -> hdmi -> av receiver -> hdmi -> tv
I'm using MPC-HC (latest nightly also have an internal wasapi renderer) for videos, movies , and I set it to use exclusive mode (it required to bitsreaming the supported format to the receiver), so a 2 channel source can be upconverted to 5.1 by putting AC3filter at the end of the directshow chain (outputs 5.1 pcm).

So the setup seems to be perfect in this way! Thank you for this awesome plugin!

Bug (?): all the modes are working except for Exclusive+Pull (I'm using Shared+Push now) (I'm using the sse version)

Feature request (if you are in the mood):
- create a select box where we can choose the device to playback with, e.g. SytemDefault, device1, device2.... (you can check the source code of MPC-HC, how did they implemented it)
- proper upsampling and downsampling in shared mode
- create a checkbox called "Allow audio channel up/downmixing" (which would change the channels to the system speaker configuration)

(Funny part is that I came here from the linux world: in Ubuntu the same problem exists. The main audio driver is ALSA and there's a userspace daemon called PulseAudio which is a mixer layer on top of that, and unfortunately it ruins the audio quality the same way as the builtin Windows mixer does. It turned out that couple of audio (Audacoius, Clementine, etc)and video player (Smplayer, etc) can output audio directly to the ALSA device, so it can use exclusive or shared mode of the audio device. The result is the same as in Windows: more dynamic sound!
And Google Chrome browser also has an "--enable-exclusive-audio" command-line switch! )

Thanks again!

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