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@Anders Thank you for your help but I don't understand it.

I appreciate your advice that NSIS will do both user and admin installs and there are issues that need fixing so your other advice is a bonus. The installer is in an open source project written 5 years ago and updated by a different user each year all long gone, probably linux users with little interest in Windows.

The NSIS Menu is confusing and eventually I noticed the wiki Simple tutorials link (which I tweaked to make a little clearer). It clearly explains the process for compiling scripts and got me started.
  1. I assume I need to rework the script to include most of the code you provided (?)
  2. There are no HKCU commands in the script so I don't understand that comment but I note the code you provided fixes $PROGRAMFILES
  3. I don't know what comprises the version check or why it is required
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