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I made the changes and the text showed up for me as well. The last attribute is the font color. I guess all attributes must be specified in order for text to show up. Thanks, CrushBug!

Also I've got another question. Is there a default value that I can put in so that I can use the default gradient colors (black to blue) slong with the text?

Code Sample 1:
bggradient default_top default_bottom ffffff

In other words, if you looked at Code Sample 1 (above), what could I specify for the first two attributes in place of "default_top" and "default_bottom" so that the default black to blue gradient would be displayed along with the text using the color specified in the third attribute?

Note: I tried using Code Sample 2 (below) which did not work. All I got was no text and a white to black gradient.

Code Sample 2:
bggradient ffffff

Thanks again in advance for the help.

John Gasker
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