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MUI_HWND not recognised


I am trying to hide the 'RUN' checkbox on the finishpage on a condition.

Using the following function:

PHP Code:
Function HideCheckbox
${If} $InstallationChoice == "deinstall"
GetDlgItem $R9 $MUI_HWND "1203"  
ShowWindow $R9 ${SW_HIDE}
Defined like this:
PHP Code:
!define MUI_PAGE_CUSTOMFUNCTION_SHOW                HideCheckbox 
But, the compiler give me a warning:
PHP Code:
unknown variable/constant "MUI_HWND" detectedignoring (installatie_keuze.nsh:63
And the function doesn't work.
The function is called and the condition is true, but $R9 is always 0

Am I missing something?
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