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Manual Playlist Advance Behavior

I have been using Winamp as a primary player since the stone age - .88 or .91 I think.

I sat on a very early build of Winamp 5 forever and "Manual Playlist Advance"(MPA) would ignore the queue on "next" and select a track on as if the queue was empty.

I upgraded recently to 5.621 and MPA honors the queue but does not manually advance, it simply plays the entire queue and then loops the last track if you have Repeat on or stops playback if you don't.

I think we need a bit more control; I would like to see an option to loop the entire queue on MPA as well as an option to loop the current track and then honor the queue on "Next"

I am a programmer and I find it disturbing sometimes when a track changes and prefer (admittedly, to the annoyance of everyone in ear shot) that a track loop for awhile (until I notice it repeating and hit "Next") and then it move on to the next track in the queue.

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