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Originally Posted by rvintonyak View Post
Does this plugin support unicode or it is for ANSI only?
Yes, last version (4.1 at the moment) fully unicode compatible (ofcourse you should use unicode NSIS).
Originally Posted by piaranda View Post
Hello, I´m executing a script with Registry.dll (Windows 8) to look for some keys under HKU node, but for some reason, application crashes in a find call (when some nodes have already been found). I have tried to run RegistryTest.exe with the example of "Search for value 'Content Type'", but replacing HKEY_CURRENT_USER with HKEY_USERS and the result is the same: at some point, app crashes.
Not reproduced. In RegistryTest.nsi specified HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE not HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Do you sure you use original RegistryTest.nsi code?
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