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Originally Posted by djnforce9 View Post
Your plugin is now more stable than MAIKO's (i.e. no more crashes/disruptions).
For me MAIKO works in shared mode but not in exclusive. In exclusive mode it crashes Winamp when switching from one track to the next. That's the reason why I started to develop YASAPI because I'm interested just in exclusive mode.

With respect to exclusive mode the developer of MAIKO writes:
I do not recommend to use this [exclusive] mode unless you have a specific need.
For shared mode he advertises his own 80-bit audio engine
This [shared] mode features a 80-bit software mixer, channel matrixing, resampler and gapless playback on the top of WASAPI shared mode. Maiko take into consideration every nuance on windows kernel data transformations for winamp application and substitute them by her own algorithms as much quality beneficial as possible.
Viewed this way, MAIKO and YASAPI are complementary to each other:
  • MAIKO's focus is on shared mode and it's heavy weight in the sense of replacing all necessary audio transformations by it's own 80-bit audio engine.
  • YASAPI's focus is on exclusive mode and it's just a lightweight bridge from Winamp to the Windows WASAPI API.
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