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Thanks for the update

However I am finding the reduced buffer sizes of 0.9.0 are playing havoc with my system. In yasapi version 0.8.2 I had to drag all three buffer sliders to the far right to be able to use Winamp properly. At default levels the songs would play and sound great, but if I tried to drag the seeker forward or backward quickly during a song I could quite often get a AUDCLNT_E_BUFFER_TOO_LARGE: “yasapi_session.c” (943) error message. Increasing all three buffer sliders seemed to help in this regard.

However with the new version 0.9.0 even with all three buffer sliders to the far right I can't play any music; I now get a AUDCLNT_E_BUFFER_TOO_LARGE: “yasapi_session.c” (642) error message instead.

Hope you can help. I am using a Gieseler Klein DAC via USB. According to the Gieseler website the USB input is via an Amanero Combo 384 module in asynchronous mode. I am using the latest Amanero drivers 1.0.57.

I have reverted back to 0.8.2 and everything is working again. Hope you can help; I would love to be able to keep my Yasapi up to date if possible.

Thanks again for a great plugin
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