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What's new?
  • Added an option for configuring whether calculation of the buffer sizes should be based
    on the default or on the minimum device period as proposed by WASAPI. Made default device period the default. So long the calculation was silently based on the minimum device period.

  • Added tooltips to the configuration dialog's controls.
Originally Posted by Cool Barn View Post
I now get a AUDCLNT_E_BUFFER_TOO_LARGE: “yasapi_session.c” (642) error message instead.
This error results from a call to the IAudioRenderClient::GetBuffer method. Microsoft explains regarding this error:
The NumFramesRequested value exceeds the available buffer space (buffer size minus padding size).
I can hardly see how this can happen. In order to gain some information I've introduced some additional tracing into the new debug version. It would be nice if you can run the debug version with "Debug" set to "Default". I need to know at least what is written under "open", e.g.

PHP Code:
  wasapi clock
  audio client created
  got device period
default: 100000 hns
30000 hns
30000 hns
  audio client initialized
  audio clock created
  got buffer size
2048 frames
  audio render client created
  ring buffer size
2880 frames (1.41)
ring buffer created
  audio client started 
and, of course, what is written when the error appears.
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