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Got it, I thought this would be the most appropriate sub for this type of question. Just reached out to him. I'm getting closer to figuring this out! Here's the status on both of my servers:

ServerA: Configured as a CDN master
Authhash inheritance enabled for slaves

ServerB: Configured as a CDN slave
Authhash inheritance enabled from master

Only problem now is that if I try to tune in to the stream of ServerA, which is what my web audio player and TuneIN app points to, I get this on the Master: WARN [xx.xx.x.xx sid=1] IP not in reserved list - disconnecting.

Are clients not supposed to connect directly to the master? From what I read in the Shoutcast DNAS wiki, rip is supposed to be enabled in order to config master/slave properly. I'm close, i know it.
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