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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
...any ideas? can u fix it?
Both files are easy to fix: open them with Paint (which is still native to Windows) and resave as JPG.

Both problem files have Adobe tags. Not every image file does.
I have been told that when they exist, they are necessary to display the file properly.

After resaving both files with Paint, the Adobe tags were gone and the images displayed properly in Winamp.
My theory is that Paint (and other apps) can use the Adobe tags to "develop" the image but then incorporate the information directly in the image when saving/printing them and the Adobe tags are no longer required.

When I removed them with Exiftool, the image still displayed in File Explorer, but not correctly.
I thought that maybe Winamp was choking on the Adobe tags and would would display something, even if it was borked, when they were gone but that didn't happen.

I'm out of my depth and out of ideas.

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