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Question Is there an "and" for a Logic Lib if statement?

So I am creating a installer which has a custom NSDialogs page. After the user leaves the page, I check if the user has not checked any of the radio buttons. If they haven't, it show up with a message saying that they haven't checked anything and then it will not let the user move on. The only problem is that I have three if statements inside each other. Is there some kind of "and" in Logic Lib? If so, please tell me. Also, I made my if statement this way:


${NSD_GetState} $radio1Pop $radio1
${NSD_GetState} $radio2Pop $radio2
${NSD_GetState} $radio3Pop $radio3
${If} $radio1 == 0
${If} $radio2 == 0
${If} $radio3 == 0
MessageBox MB_OK "Please check one of the radio buttons."

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