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5.623 is the current version now. as for the playlist being empty a lot of the time, it could be anything from Winamp silently crashing on close which can prevent the playlist being saved
a 'cleaner' program is running which is removing the file (some have been known to do that)
you've possibly got a plug-in installed which is wiping the playlist clear
when Winamp is being started (if you're clicking on the files to load instead of loading Winamp first), it's then being passed an invalid folder / file using the 'play' command which could also cause the playlist to be cleared out.
the shortcut Winamp is being started via has been messed up to include random whitespace which Winamp is then trying to treat as a file to load (unlikely but you never know)
it's a permissions issue (e.g. to do with UAC) though that shouldn't be too likely unless starting Winamp as a different user at times.

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