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it probably is dead like you say, but no one is generally modding the plug-ins so i don't think your comment about a lack of control really holds as if there's no mods, then there's little divergence. all i've seen previously is other AVS / Milkdrop clones grabbing feature support than things being added to the plug-ins and contributed back (which then makes the dead comment still valid).

and if there were many users making their own versions, then i'd have expected to see a) a lot of modded versions floating around which i've not and b) a reasonably active plug-in development community in general which is very much not the case.

as for the not responding issue, without details on what / how to replicate then once again there's little to do about it. and as a note, other users who were having such an issue found it resolved with 2.25c so there must be something else about your setup which is causing the issue. so without more info, i know i'm not going to spend time looking into something i cannot replicate (as if it's happening also outside of Winamp then that's not something i would try fix, just if it's impacting on the in-Winamp experience).
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