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great! Nice to see so many people joining already in this short time. Not to worry about starting dates people, we'll start discussing that in a week or so, when most people are back from their vacation.

Confirmed joins:

1. Deamon
2. Jheriko
3. Horse-Fly
4. Zevensoft
5. Akuso
6. Siddhartha_one
7. S-uper_T-oast
8. Geozop
9. Nic01
10. Atero (good to see you haven't fully left yet )


1. Ishan_Rocky
2. Anubis2003

Unconfirmed joins and vacation people who might want to join:

1. Raz
2. Killahbite
3. Skupers
4. Tuggummi

Everything going nice and easy. Things seem to get along just fine. I love it . Let's hope more people will sign up, and that the unsure ones all join as well.

Lalllaaalllaa, I enjoy this

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