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The thing that sucks about AVS is its learning curve. If you open up a Wacko pack or Extra Dimension, there's no way you're going to understand all the crap that's going on in the equations. In fact, I rarely know what's going on in my own code, let alone anyone else's. If you're trying to emulate your effects to get to the point where the big guys are, don't try emulating their presets directly. The most successful AVS artists take some time to develop. I'd like to think that their skills are primed outside the world of AVS. If you can't imagine how to spot all the points of a 3-d sphere, perhaps you should concern yourself with making a good circle. Hopefully, you'll develop an understanding for all the code that goes into some of the really high-end stuff. But this takes experience.

And that's just if you want to be a copy-cat. Being an original AVS artist is going to take lots and lots of practice figuring out what you want to make. So much trial and error will be involved, you'll either love it or hate it (most of us do both). It's very easy to conceptualize "I want to make a preset just like Tugg/UCD." Or "Amphirion/Zamuz is my idol." When you start thinking on the level of "I want to make a really cool preset that reminds me of this poster I saw" you'll be in another realm altogether. Best of luck to you.
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