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Re: Shuffle Play Bug

Originally posted by Seaweed
Ok i have been using winamp for several years now and today i've finally cracked.

There is a bug with the shuffle play IT IS NOT RANDOM.

I have 2500 mp3's and winamp is constantly choosing the same ones, i know it is easy to say im imaginging this but I'm convinced this is a bug with winamp.

I did played through around 200 or so songs in winamp and about 30 were played twice and a few 3 times now when you have 2500 songs the odds of this happening are considerably high.

I used shuffle play in itunes (worst program ever) to listen to my mp3's and i noticed a refreshing change in the music i was hearing.

I am growing increasinly annoyed with hearing the same songs over and over and after speaking to some makes they experience the same thing.
I have just read the entire thread with all the varying ridiculous methods of making winamp shuffle a playlist without playing the same song twice. I'm one of the few suckers who shelled out for the pro version and not only am i having the same problem as originally posted by seaweed but I am now a paying customer who is reduced to third party plug ins, manually editing system files and randomizing a playlist where i can see every song that is coming up. I accept a lot of time and effort has gone into creating and experimenting with these methods but really, after god knows how many years of production Nullsoft have to pull their fuckin finger out and include a shuffle button that doesnt repeat the same 30 tracks if they expect the public to take seriously and pay for their product when they could use Itunes or god knows how many other media players that offer this feature as standard. I realise I will be regarded as something of a heretic and/or asshole for my comments but more than anything it saddens me that after years of supporting winamp i am now considering a switch because its clearly more important to have useless bullshit like predixis music magic than base features that actually work.
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