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Originally posted by pjn123
Call your ISP(internet service provider).
Dumbest answer ever.

Lets try something that actually has a basis in reality.

1) do you have winamp full installed?, did you perhaps upgrage a full install using the lite installer? only full supports modern skins, if you don't have full installed, get it here.

When installing ensure you don't uncheck modern skin support from the installer options.

2) try clearing your temp internet cache out.

3) try saving the skin directly, right click the download link, choose save target as, save to your skins directory, usually located at c:\program files\winamp\skins
Start winamp, press alt+s to open skin browser, choose your skin.

4) try a different browser, there have been problems downloading and installing skins from here using Internet Explorer, IE in SP2 occasionally fudges the MIME types on .wal/.wsz and downloads the incorrectly, a decent browser like Firefox or Opera can usually help get you around this.

If non of the above work, then you need to start providing system specs, list of installed plugins etc etc, even try doing a full clean uninstall/re-install.

Details can be found here..

I can almost 100% say for definate phoning your ISP isn't the answer.
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