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Sorry to beat a dead horse here but i'm a little slow and need some help

Like many others I've always had the problem of my winamp playlist (over 3000 tracks) playing repeats much too often, and i've been using Winamp forever. I don't mind if there is a repeat every once in a while, but the same track should play 3 times within a couple of hours on playlist of over 3000 mp3s. So i've looked at the methods posted and i'm a little confused. I want better random selection, not to say i don't want to hear the same tracks repeat here and there. It seems like the methods shown here are all for having the same track never repeat until the entire playlist has been played one by one, i don't want that, just want better random selection. So what's the answer for me?

Like i said, i read all the posts, but i'm a little slow .

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. I'm using the latest Winamp if it matters.
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