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Originally posted by Genosaturn
It seems like the methods shown here are all for having the same track never repeat until the entire playlist has been played one by one, i don't want that, just want better random selection.
Nope. You are beating a 'dead horse' (as you also said above) if you expect that.

The easiest way to understand all this is to know the difference in Winamp between what shuffling does and what randomizing does...

Shuffle will always repeat certain songs, and miss others, regardless of what the Shuffle Morph Rate is set to in Winamp Preferences.

Randomizing the playlist, instead of using shuffle, is the only way AFAIK to ensure that:
1) every song is played
- and -
2) every song is played one time and one time only

To randomize the playlist, first load all songs into the Playlist Editor, then...

If using the Winamp Classic skin:
Press the 'Misc' button > 'Sort List' button > select 'Randomize list' from the right-click context menu

If using the Winamp Modern skin:
Press the 'Misc' button > from the first right-click context menu, select'Sort' > select 'Randomize list' from the next right-click context menu

That's all there is to it really. Pretty easy, heh?
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