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Originally posted by DrO
it was explained by one of the devs why there is duplication of the tracks as they happen (i think the link was even refered to in this thread but i've better things to do than wade through it all to find it) so they know and explained why there's essentially nothing to fix since things are working as coded/expected.

That link is about 5 posts up from you, Daz. But I think I speak for all the people complaining about the "shuffle" when I say if there's nothing to fix, why are so many people complaining? Lots of programs are coded a certain way and work perfectly, yet end up not being very user friendly or optimal for the end user. This is one of the resons that major updates are released for programs that implement additional features to make the program more satisfying for end users. Seems obvious, but based on your post I felt like it needed to be stated.

There was a plugin being made a LONG time ago called RoboDJ. It worked pretty well, implementing all of the features that people are requesting, though it was quite buggy. The guy programming it couldn't keep going with it because of other obligations. I really wish someone could have picked it up.
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