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Originally Posted by Xennex View Post
The query builder for smartviews does not allow one to compare items against one another or to detect the presence of identical files in the library.
Hi Xennex,

True the query builder doesn't do that, but there are alternatives for generating separate views for these kind of duplicates (same songs in different formats).

The tracks panel in the media library allows an "Extension" column to be added. Then you could at least group files by format.

The smart view query builder does not include an "Extension" filter, but you can use "Filename" and filter by the extension portion, e.g. 'Filename contains .mp3' or 'Filename contains .flac'. You can use as many 'Filename contains .x' filters as needed (each separated by the "or" operator) to capture all your lossy or lossless files in one view.

Even simpler, for lossless format files you can just use the 'Lossless = 1' filter.

In the resulting smart views, you can then sort the tracks panel by album or artist or some other column (from the available choices) to further group the songs.

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