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ok first of all i think i can help you with some of this......ok....for the thumbnail i assume you want a picture of one of your avs presets right? ok well if thats what you want then you will need to have a program like snagit that can take pictures of any on screen thing you are doing at that time....if thats not what you want then its much easier....all you have to do is make your own little picture with an art program......ok now for the actual thumbnail says on the winamp help page that you will need the thumbnail picture to be size (275X116 .JPG/.GIF) and also a larger picture size (275X464 .JPG/.GIF).....thats all i can help you with because i know nothing about the installer because i havent sent any plugins to winamp yet so maybe someone else can help youw ith that.....and if my advice didnt help you then sorry lol im pretty new to this stuff too.....oh yeah and i almost for got to change the size of the pictures you will need to open them in a image editor...well thats all really sorry i couldnt help with the exe thing but i think if you go to this link it might help some well thats about it....see ya
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