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[Developing] Shoutcast Current DJ Script

I'm working on a script that shows your station's current DJ. It's got a lot of work to do, but the basic function is finished. If there are any features that you think you'd want in the final release, please let me know and I'll incorporate them. I'm not going to be releasing it for a little while, but I will send it out later to a few people for beta testing.

Also, here is a link to my current version:

DJ Status v1.2

Current Features
-> Grabs stats from your shoutcast server such as Current title, current song, current # of listeners.
-> If a DJ isn't connected, a message is displayed stating so.
-> If the server isn't up, it displays a message stating so.
-> Checks the server title for the DJ's name, and assigns that DJ's ID.
-> Pulls DJ name, IM info, and link to song request page (Using the SongRequester plugin) from your MySQL database, and displays all that applies.
-> Easy config file.
-> Up to 3 aliases per DJ to check for in the server title.

Planned features
-> Admin panel for adding, editing, and deleting DJs.
-> Template system

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