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UID how Unique is it?


I'm writing an analytics web app for Shoutcast stats, and I'm wondering, how unique is UID?

From what I understand it can get re-used, but I'm wondering can it be re-used for the same IP.

Reason for this is to determine what is, and isn't a new listening session from the same IP, so that the web app could update the amount of time said IP has listened for.

As results will be stored in MySQL, each time the app polls the shoutcast server, it would search the database to see is a record exists for the IP + UID combination. If so it would then update the time field to record the length of time that IP/User has listened for.

But if the user disconnects and then reconnects, the UID should, in theory, be different, so it would then create a new entry in the database, as this is a new listening session.

So is UID unique enough to do this, or would I need to take other factors into consideration?
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