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YP listing mis-match for my stream


I first started experimenting with making my stream public last July. I created my channel on and was seeing stats fill in on the respective pages and adverts were running for my listeners. Then, I got confused about how/if my stream was migrated over to radionomy (since shoutcast and radionomy was still working out their stuff) and set up a new account using the same info on Then, with both accounts open in separate tabs and because they both looked alike, I accidentally deleted my account instead of my account. I recreated my account on shoutcast, but it wouldn't late me choose the same station name I originally had (wowmachineradio), so I set up with wow-machine-radio.

Since then, my stats page has never registered listeners and my listeners never hear adverts.

Now I think I have discovered the problem and I need help from someone at shoutcast to fix it.

I went to, and searched for my radio station... my station appears in the results....


I tried to open my station using the .m3u link, and my VLC pops up an error. I notice that the url that came with the .m3u is still linking the OLD station name:

But what is listed as my current url on my settings page (and the one that works is):

Can someone please advise on how I can fix that mis-match?

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