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A Short Story/Movie

black screen fades to starry night

sky is filled with smoke, and camera fades away to show a large gathering of soldiers dancing around a bonfire, and just above the fire, a silhouette of a man is seeing hanging

soldiers dance around and chat a happy, eerie chant, in some language never before heard

the camera pans around, showing different soldiers, taking in the dance, and the chant. The camera pans around, and then goes back, as if a double take as it sees a women of about 25 years of age. Beautiful, but with the look of worry of a woman twice her age, step through the circle of the dancing men. The camera pans around and shows only the left side of her face.

the women yells something, and the men stop, and face the fire

she speaks in the language, to the man above the fire.

he turns to look at her, he has a huge scar across the left side of his face, beginning at his temple, going down under his eye, and stopping just below his left nostril.

she begins to talk in her language <and from here on will be talking in the background in this fantasy language>

the camera shows her face, the fury. The screen suddenly changes to a young women of no older than 19 lying in bed, clearly nude, as it is summertime and the windows to her humble home are open, and the drapes are blowing with the breeze. It is an advanced civilization, yet no electricity, running water, etc. They are civilized though. The womens voice is still talking in her unintelligible language. The screen shows a pot breaking. Then back to the bed quickly. The girl sits up quickly, clutching the blanket. You see a man, his silhouette from behind, from above the door-less entryway into her bedroom, quickly walk into the room and pounce on her before she can scream. His hand covers her mouth. There is no sound but the woman talking in the background, but you can see the terror on the girl's face. The man forces the covers off of the girl. The bed rustles, and you can tell she is being raped.

The scene goes back to the fire, and the camera pans the soldiers. Clearly furious, their work-hardened muscles are tense, they want to beat the man above the fire. The camera zooms in on one man, the fire is reflected in his eyes. The camera zooms out and the fire becomes a fire on a lamppost, lighting a walkway outside the girl's house. the camera moves into the window, and looks upon the bed.

The man has finished raping her, and as he is about to stand up, with his hand still over her mouth, he leans down and seems to whisper something in the girl's ear. Her eyes widen with more terror as the screen flossed as image of a baby asleep in a crib. The girls eyes go from terror to fury as she strikes the man's head. The left of the mans head. The camera pans around, and you see where she struck, it is bleeding. The scar is identical to the man's above the fire. He is the same man. He laughs and raises his left hand and strikes the girl across the right of her face. He stands up and walks away. You see on the girl a mark just under her eye where he hit her. She is bleeding. She is crying. A tear falls to the ground and makes a ripple on a puddle. The camera zooms out of the ripple and pans up to the left side of the womans' face at the fire.

The camera then zooms to the front, and you see the scar. The girl in the story and the woman at the fire are one in the same. The woman stops talking. For 45 seconds there is no noise but the crackle of the fire. The woman shouts a word in her language, the camera flashes a view of the man above the fire with a terrified look upon his face. The camera goes to a farther away view where you see three soldiers add wood and fuel to the fire and the fire grows, and begins to grow and consume the man. The soldiers cheer. The camera then goes and shows, form behind, the woman is walking back to a tent, and the camera zooms in quickly on a tear as it falls from her cheek. The tear is followed into a puddle, which creates ripples.

The ripples fade to black.


The basic concept is that this is the final scene, the woman gets revenve on teh man who raped her. Sorry if my camera descriptions suck, I am not a diretor, but really, it looekd freakin awesome in my head!

I like the contrast between the violent rape scene and the fact that the only sound is the cold, monotone voice of the woman. I think that woudl really make an imperssion, especially since the audience couldn't understand the language. They woudl get the full effect of the violence of the rape, but also the sound of the voice woudl just make it that much bigger. That is my favourite part. I also like how the man is left-handed. That is different.
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