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Kudos to you Trippin Smurf for working this one out!

This is VERY trippy and WELL worth trying. It took me about an hour to get to work properly, so here's a quick how to, to set it up:

In the config window for MilkDrop click on the 'More Options' tab. Click the 'Set Left Eye Lense Color' button and select white as your colour. Then click 'Set Right Eye Lense Color' and for a good dark grey set the red, green & blue values to 100.

Start Milkdrop and run in Fullscreen (you can see the effect best in Fullscreen). Hit ScrLk (to stop the preset from changing), then hit 'L', select the '3d' directory, using the arrow keys then hit 'Return' to change to that directory. Select 'Geiss - 3D - Oozing Mass' and hit 'Return' to load that preset. Hit 'Esc' to close the preset menu. Finally hit F9 to turn OFF the 3D effect (only do this with the 3D presets, as they don't require this function to be switched on, as it's build into the them, but is needed for ALL other presets).

Take your trusty pair of sunglasses and cover your right eye with one of the lenses. You might need to stare at the preset for a good few seconds before the effect takes hold.

Here are a few presets that are worth checkin out:

[3d Directory]
Shockwaves, Cosmic Dust, Oozing Mass & Two Pointed Pulasgon

Remember to Hit F9 to turn 3D mode on for these presets:

[MilkDrop Directory]
Rovastar - Multiverse Starfield 3
Rovastar - Paradigm Sphere
Rovastar - Harlequin's Dynamic Fractal 3
Geiss - Inkblot
Fvese - Round and Round

Have fun!

BTW the very fast moving presets might make you feel a little queasy
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