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Originally posted by cgfiend
You people are amazing. This forum should be called "Breaking News that I can use to bash Bush". Michael Moore is a fat slob that uses his warped left ideas to crap out rhetorical films. All these people can think about is how to trash Republicans and George Bush. They're sad excuses for human beings and they'll get what they deserve in the end. I can't believe anyone would support people like Michael Moore and John Kerry. Both are buffoons. To sit around and do nothing about terrorism after 3000+ of us died would've been a damn shame. It doesn't matter how this would've gone down; how Bush reacted. Dems and the left wing wacko's would find something to be negative about. That's because their methods are subversive and deceitful. They lie and twist words to forward their cause. Their negative rhetoric will be their demise.
How has Bush been successfull in stopping Terrorism?

No, Bush took all the sympathy America got from all over the world after September 11, and turned it into hatred...

There is terror everday in Iraq and Isreal...

191 People were killed and 1800 wounded in the Madrid bombings that is connected with Al Qaeda,

27 killed and 150 wounded in the two Al Qaeda attacks in Istanbul...

26 were killed in the bombings in Riyadh

and 202 were killed in the Bali bombings also connected to Al Qaeda

all that's is after Bush declared his war on Terror....

ever considred Bush might be using the wrong tactics?
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