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Originally posted by Germ
What I really love about this thread is that nobody is paying attention to each other's points. Conversation works both ways. You all have to listen to what each other has to fucking say to get anything out of it. If we're all just screaming at the sky, proclaiming our hatred of the powers that be - what the fuck does that accomplish? Go register to vote, get facts to back up any opinion you may have, and quit denouncing someone's opinion simply because you do not agree. Talk maturely about each other's views and you might LEARN something.
In that case let's get this back on topic. Mandy Moore is cute as a button! (hic)

And yes, the powers ... that damn utility company does charge way too much to make my lights (hic) work. What gives them the nerve.

Damnit Cabo, why did you give me that (hic) last drink?

So (hic) I did learn something - don't drink tequila and try to be serious.

I would like to unbiasedly point out that Bush is a cock.
Dude, you're giving cocks a bad name. A Flatulating corrupted puppet boob of the Republican Party would be more appropriate but that is unfair to boobs.

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