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Originally posted by Raz
But, all that aside, it's still incredibly fun and addictive to play with.
Damn straight.

I don't really have the need to show progression in my presets, but I always like to learn new things, and I have higher standards set for my self for what's a preset and what's a bunch of random lines. I end up deleting my presets that I find boring; either that, or I set it asside for a month, then fix it up later.

I would prolly have a pack by now if I didn't do that, but what's the point if it half of it doesn't look good?

I guess you could compare the AVS community population to the baby boom. When AVS was newer and was being updated, a bunch of new people came in, did a whack of presets, and left, leaving a few others behind. Maybe a whole new version of Winamp is in order. People will check out the new version and actually start using winamp, and they might just happen to discover AVS. Hey, it happened to me.
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