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its been a year and a bit since last made anything in AVS so i guess i can say its dead for me. but then again, about a week ago i laied on my bed and watched random presets projected on the ceiling of my room. damn, that brought back some nice memories. if only i wouldnt have gotten so drunk so many times when vjing id prolly sill be doing it but as it was i got banned from the last club that let me work about a year and a half ago and well...

what really bums me out is the fact the Fridge newer really went anywhere. i mean i never found any good replacements for AVS and AVS is just so cool for making procedural visuals (tons of noob presets prove it imho). but it is just to cumbrsome in some aspects, if cubes were easyer to make a lot les of them would see the light of day. if it had some way of importing 3d objects, an easy way to control the camera and object transformations,... you would see a lot more than just cubes. as it is its hard to expect good stuff unles you put years of work in it. the programers make complex and a bit less beautiful stuff and designer people make simple and better looking things. and both get better with time (excuse me if i went a bit off topic, im drunk again). anyway, gimme an AVS with gpu, video and midi support (Fridge) and ill stop drinking and get to work:P.

p.s. even if its really dead its still the only thing worthy of caps in this post.

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