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this script pulls the data straight off your shoutcast server.

whatever is on the song title or now playing from your shoutcast server is what will be tweeted...

if you wish it to stick to a single DJ.. tell your djs to set a static song title in their broadcasting application.

for example.. my station (DubstepFm) uses a static title for each dj's show.. for instance.. 'Dubfix With DopeLabs From Seattle'

its not really possible or efficient to have the dj enter in each and every song name while trying to mix using records, cd's or serato.

this script is tailored more towards stations that have DJs that do mix sets where the song title doesnt change for the entirety of the show. DubstepFM rarely has shows that are under 1 hour long.... stations that broadcast single tunes would probably not want to use this script as it would post a new song to twitter once every 3-5 mins...

hope this helps a little =]


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