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to use v2 mode to sc_trans you need to specify djport2 -> which once enabled then needs to be entered into the DSP and then it will allow connections to work ok and will be using the utf-8 encoded xml to sc_trans which should resolve the title issue. using v1 mode and trying to send utf-8 / unicode titles will never work nicely as the v1 specs never really catered for such things i.e. if it worked then it was more luck than by design (which the v2 specs resolve).

to enable v2 support from sc_trans to sc_serv, you need to set outprotocol on the encoder configuration to 3 as per -> (the sooner i get the sc_trans inherit mode sorted out and released then the better i guess).

so if using the v2 tools then it all needs to be working in v2 mode at all stages otherwise you will get the title and other issues that you've been seeing - it just doesn't help that the defaults in sc_trans aren't setup for v2 usage since it predates the release of the v2 DNAS *shrugs*

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