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mixx941: #1 and #2 - the replacement of 7.html isn't in any of the publically available versions of the v2 DNAS and i was a bit premature in putting the documentation online (though was needed for some other things at the time). so that is why it's trying to provide a stream instead as that's the bahaviour where it'll try to provide the first stream configuration on unhandled pages.

#3 - i'm not sure but it probably is both of the known issues from the first post as you're using the v1 mode with the DNAS (i'm guessing to work around the relaying issues in v2 mode) and the YP is explicitly coded to check the IP of the DNAS matches the external IP of the connection being made. there is no eta on any of that being changed, etc.

#4 - there are some issues with the config reloading with the public build which have already been resolved in the development version i believe. so will have to see if the issue persists once a new version is released.

#5 - that shouldn't be showing that message for the daemon instance and should instead be closing immediately. i can't remember if i've already fixed that from some other config loading changes i've made to the dev version.

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