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hi all
I've got a problem with track titles updating. I'm sorry if the problem was already discussed but I didn't find the answer on the forum..

I use DSP 2.2.1 [Build 099]. When I connect to DNAS 2.1.19 and the option "use winamp" for updating titles is checked - everything's ok, the title updates when next track begins. But when I uncheck this option, enter "some_title" in the field "now" and click "send update", the server recieves the XML-data with "some_title", that I've entered, but Winamp (and other programs) don't show my "some_title" and show the title of track that is being played in winamp.

Though, using DNAS 1.9.8, there's no such problem - the title updates in Winamp in both cases correctly, so when "use winamp" is not checked, it shows my "some_title".
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