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I actually have myself. To be honest I think someone needs to update the config builder because I'm finding nothing but issues with it. The first error I got was the one I mentioned in my last post after modifying the default configs, now I'm getting another one in this topic after using the config builder, and it seems to be causing only legacy mode to work when DJ'ing on sc_serv2, which in itself is horribly bugged and doesn't always work. The sc_trans itself is just a mess, even with default configs. I'm guessing my error, and the poster's, are all caused by a lack of simple config documentation examples of a full config. The default ones work, but not very well, and with the builder causing bugs, I'd recommend a new builder be made. Even using the examples in the documentation doesn't seem to help much, and it takes a lot of searching in both the text documents and the wiki just to come up with anything helpful unless you REALLY know what you are doing. The config system already isn't very user-friendly...and that's coming from a guy who used sc_serv version 1.9.8 for years. Maybe an example of a config for sc_serv2 and sc_trans listing every option (even if turned off or disabled) with default values in one file would be a good idea since there's some obvious confusion between the various documentations

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