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Thinking of making a change to Mac but LOVE winamp

Hi all
I tried searching the forums but couldn't find anything helpful. Hopefully somebody can help.
I am thinking of making a change to a Mac laptop. I have always had a windows laptop. My question is around Winamp for Mac and all the plugins I use. I use Winamp to play karaoke files (CDG) files. I also sometimes use Pacemaker to change the pitch on the fly and often use CHORDS! which works well for what I need it for, which is work out the chords of an MP3 file on the fly. On a gig and somebody wil ask for "American Pie", I have the Karaoke backing track and use CHORDS! to tell me the key and the basic chords of the backtrack.

I hope somebody will be able to tell me if I can do all this with the Mac version of winamp or if I am better off sticking with a windows laptop.
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