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corrupted stack

Hi Afrow,

I´m using the LockeList with silentsearch, and have noticed that at the end of function the stack is corrupted with some lockedlist internal values.

Here´s some of the example on file lockedlisttest.nsi, see the attached image to better understand what i´m saying, many thanks!

In my script I have some 'Pop´s' after the search and then I've noticed that is not the value that i'd have pushed, so I´ve used ${stack:: Debug} "0" to see the values in the stack

PHP Code:
Section `SilentSearch asynchronous testSection_SilentSearchThreadTest

`Testing LockedList with threading, please wait...`

LockedList::AddFile `${THE_FILE}`
LockedList::AddModule $PLUGINSDIR\LockedList.dll

# Begin the search in a separate thread.
GetFunctionAddress $R0 SilentSearchCallback
::SilentSearch $R0 /async

# Loop while the search takes place. We could do other stuff here.
LockedList::SilentWait /time 500
    Pop $R0
${LoopWhile$R0 == `/wait`
DetailPrint `Searching... 100%`

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