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Hi Nitorami.

> MD is a dead horse, the owners don't bother, and this forum has become a deserted place.

But it is still the best Visualisation available (to me). So, no need to leave this forum just because everyone is leaving. I shall stay.

Telly me what you want exactly, maybe I can help you. What sort of music ? Which presets are you talking ?
Well...the first Idea would be:

I play this guitar:

It is a 12 string tapping guitar. The 6 strings on the right are almost the same as an ordinary guitar, it is the melody site. The 6 strings on the left are bassssically a bass guitar with 6 strings and different tuning. The output is stereo, and I can switch the pickups so that the bass side comes out on the left channel and the melody on the right (or vice versa). I usually put a delay on the melody but not on the bass. It sounds like this: least in the first few minutes of the track.

I wonder how the first few minutes (or maybe the whole track) would look like if there was a preset doing "something" with the bass output (left) and "something else" with the melody (right), if it is possible to separate the 2 channels in MD.

I will try out presets later (for this and for other music) and pick my favourites...maybe this can be a(nother) starting point...

Cheers and thanks!
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