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Ok maybe not that much limited, but speed is the key here nevertheless. I think it would please a lot of people who think "AVS is slow & crappy"

Hmm... maybe...

1 superscope
1 dynamic movement
2 effect lists
1 buffer save (with save)
1 buffer save (with restore)
2 trans effects (General APE's allowed, like colormap, texer, convolution)

I think the presets would still work pretty fast if nobody goes over those limits, but of course if they don't use any GIANT superscopes or GIANT DM's with numpoints 10 000 and grid size 100x100

Good idea? I dunno Would be nice to see a pack full of simple presets made by the "AVS - elite"

One more thing, i think some effects could be "free" like fadeout since it really doesn't slow down the preset at all.

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