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Flow contest would be nice, You could only use 1 superscope & 1 dynamic movement 1 effect list & 1 trans effect of your choice... Then we would have a pack with some pretty fast flow presets that would run in high resolutions
Ok maybe not that much limited, but speed is the key here nevertheless. I think it would please a lot of people who think "AVS is slow & crappy"

Hmm... maybe...

1 superscope
1 dynamic movement
2 effect lists
1 buffer save (with save)
1 buffer save (with restore)
2 trans effects (General APE's allowed, like colormap, texer, convolution)
You sneaky bastard TUG ! I bet you've allready made an uber-133t-flow preset with exactly these components & now try to do a contest which allows only those components you've listed. Am I right
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