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I think its one entry per person, and one update.. that was mentioned somewhere.. one entry it just plain logic for a competition, otherwise ppl could just send in 50 of their best flow presets.

And no atero, dont stretch the rules because everyone else has already played by the rules so it would be unfair to redefine them.

*It says "one render other than superscope", so you can only use one render other than superscope.
That means that you cant replace the superscope iwth another render.
You dont have to use a ssc, but then you still only have one render.

*It says nothing about replacing the dm either, so you cant do it.

*It is just logical to assume that you cant have a dm as one of your other trans if it has already mentioned one dm only.

4: unlimited number of buffers
7: any ammount of... all the misc except buffer.
*yes that makes no sence at all, so just use as many buffers as you wish. it wont make much difference anyway.

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