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END-user listening to stream Questions.


I have successfully setup the latest shoutcast with sc_trans(/w mp3 encoding license) on Linux centOS and now I'm successfully streaming via playlist on server or via Winamp from my local PC.

As END-user - the way I can connect to the stream is http//<IP>:8000/liste.pls?sid=1 . I'm guessing that this is the only way and per my tests the PLS format is recognized with most browsers?

What are you guys doing out there on your websites to allow for best user experience? Do your users have to 'CLICK' on the .pls link in order to play your station? Is there some type of 'auto' play that can also be programmed directly INTO the www site?

Now that I have streaming from playlist - I need a way to 'update' the playlist in random times with some type of 5min news broadcast or advertisement. I was going to simply record mp3 and position it within the playlist - but by doing this, I believe I will have to 'restart' and start with song#1 again? Is there better way.

Question4: what is the best way to interject yourself into the stream , pause playlist and start broadcasting live at any given moment all while resuming regular broadcast/playlist after?

Thank you for your feedback.

This has been fun thus far.
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