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First - thank you for your reply.

For #1 - I'm basically trying to figure out what the best way is for user to 'click' on something on my WWW and allow the user to start listening to the radio from his PC using his/her installed listening applications. Right now in order for me to listen to the stream I'm broadcasting, I point my URL: Then it asks me to pick an application to open it with. Then I open it up with RealPlayer or Winamp - and it plays.

What my hope for the above was: have it 'automatically' open up the app and start playing for the end-user. I would like to eliminate the manual process of picking applications. If at all possible - one click for any end-user ONLY.

The above code makes sense - do you think I will have to basically display 2 or more ICONs on the website: ex: winamp/RealPlayer/iTunes ? Allow the user to pick ?
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