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Interesting skin concept. What do you like about it, content, layout, or both?

Winamp can already match the content displayed here and more. Using it's query language, custom smart views and/or the ML main and refine search bars along with single column sorting (in the default smart views) can filter and present local media files in hundreds of ways. Multiple column sorting may finally be available in a Radionomy release, which would allow for even more powerful presentations of local media files.

Winamp's internal browser allows all internet content to be shown without having to switch to an external browser (e.g. current what's trending and daily top music info from multiple sources instead of just 1, concert info, artist bios, sample tracks, downloads, streams (other than SHOUTcast), etc.). The internal browser does not support tabs for keeping multiple sites open simultaneously (probably to save on memory usage), but the forward and reverse controls and the drop down list of visited sites lets you return to sites without having to reenter the URLs.

The layout is nice and Winamp could pick up some ideas from it. The artwork presentation is catchy. Winamp could add options to present albumart in circles, or diamonds, or CD/DVD cases (like cPro's "Now Playing" panel, with or without the glare effect), or in the tiles currently used. I assume the multiple artist images shown across the top are pulled real-time from the internet instead of being stored locally. That would spice up Winamp's artwork presentation also, but if the artwork can't be retrieved quickly it would have to be stored locally. However, showing multiple images for each file would also increase memory usage if they are all kept in active memory once displayed (like what is done now).

All in all, this skin concept does provide some 'food for thought'.

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