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I'm not sure Winamp can achieve something similar to it right now. It's a radical change on inner aspects of the player so a lot of things may work in a similar way but are actually far away of this visual implementation.

I think this design does a great job achiving the actual trend in design (top playback controls, flat colors but with a layering of relevant items, big search bar, etc) but managing to keep the "Winamp feel" (multiple window at a time, robust Library, simple PL editor, etc).
Specifically I would change some bits; don't know why but I NEED A STOP BUTTON on every skin, without it a skin becomes a bit less "Winamp" IMO. Characteristic Winamp color is not so yellow, it's more of an orange like. I like the vertically-divided layout but I wouldn't fill it with so many artist's images, in fact, the top (and bigger) one wouldn't be all that functional on a day to day use. I wouldn't repeat so many "play" buttons (double-clicking it should be enough) and the design didn't solve one of the main "issues" Winamp has right now: the amount of buttons (designer just hid it all).

IMHO the best achievement of this design is that it wipped out my doubts about Winamp's color scheme; Winamp IS "dark and heavy", as opposed to the global trend of "bright and light" =) . Now I know how should I begin to imagine next Winamp's default skin...
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