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with any sort of change to the ui, especially in the library, it needs to be thought off across all skin types.

as i'd been knocking around an idea in my head where things could be adjusted to allow a bit more control over what is shown in the library window and placement e.g. allowing the tree to be on the right or maybe above or adding a dedicated panel area (like i hacked in with the classic art plug-in) for a mini file info mode or allowing other plug-ins to be put in it (subject to use choice).

and in addition to that, doing a few other things which allow for moving around what is shown in what panel, even the possibility of allowing some of the library views to be selected into it e.g. bookmarks or the playlist root (which would probably involve removing it from the tree when in that area to avoid issues). or even some form of 'mini-main' window

though i can see it making some setups more cluttered but for those using non-sui setups i.e. classic skins, it makes it possible to approximate a classic skin sui setup by effectively having things all inside of the ml window (which would then act like the main window). only thing is that i guess it starts to make Winamp more like the other media players.
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