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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
..specially in the library, it needs to be thought off across all skin types.
Well, it would be a hit if achieved, you manage to trigger an improvement / modernization across the whole system.. independently of what skin or type-of-skin is used. That would be wonderful.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
..e.g. allowing the tree to be on the right or maybe above or adding a dedicated panel area..
..allow for moving around what is shown in what panel, even the possibility of allowing some of the library views to be selected into it e.g. bookmarks or the playlist root (which would probably involve removing it from the tree when in that area to avoid issues).
That's a good outside-of-the-box thinking.. taking into account that the ML is quite characteristic of Winamp, any changes to it would really improve the user experience.

Maybe that's the point actually; not to add more features but to improve the existing, making it more flexible and allowing it to be "improved" only where possible.

In any way, I see it all as an improvement, you know I'm not on the boat of "everything-is-perfect-now-don't-touch-it".. Besides, the break in numbering (to 6.x) allows an elegant way to add an option (where possible / feasible) for those not liking the new feature (sort of "Enable Winamp 5 traditional ML").

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
..or even some form of 'mini-main' window
Sort of like a "Quick access" page? :P
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